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Water Distribution System Repair and Maintenance

A bespoke Job Management System has been specifically developed to assist in the management of works to ensure speedy response and accurate recording of works. Operatives in the field carry a comprehensive stock of materials and fittings (impressed stock) further assisting the timely completion of works.

IWS understands the necessity to provide a fast and comprehensive response to customer’s needs. Meeting customer needs is as important to IWS as it is to any of our clients.  Ensuring that our clients meet not only their customer’s needs but achieve high performance standards in regulatory reporting requirements is our number one priority.

IWS works closely with its customers to ensure minimal disruption and a smooth repair process. Utilising the most up to date low dig techniques IWS are able to complete works in minimal timeframes with minimal excavation and disruption.  IWS will deal direct with local Water Companies, Highways Agencies and Local Authorities where necessary to assist in the speedy completion of works.