Water Hygiene and Legionella Awareness Training

Attain H&SC compliance with regard to training and competence of responsible and operational personnel

The ACoP & Guidance L8 advises that those who are appointed to carry out the control measures and strategies are suitably informed, instructed and trained.

The ACoP and Guidance L8: Legionnaires Disease the control of legionella bacteria in water systems

"They should be properly trained to a standard which ensures that tasks are carried out in a safe, technically competent manner. Regular refresher training should be given and records of all initial and refresher training need to be maintained."

Integrated Water Services offer a tailored service to inform, instruct and train at all levels of your organisation which includes:

  • Understanding management responsibilities
  • Understanding the identification and assessment of the risk
  • Preventing or controlling the risks
  • Routine monitoring and inspection
  • Record keeping

The training sessions help delegates to come to a valid decision about:

  • The potential risks in operating their water and/or air systems
  • Their responsibilities and the control measures required to eliminate or minimise those risks

Integrated Water Services provide professional consultancy and technical service support for the health and safety, hygiene and environmental management of air and water systems.

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Photograph for Water Hygiene and Legionella Awareness Training