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IWS Water hygiene announces PAS 99:2012 certification for Water Hygiene Services and Legionella compliance works


IWS Water Hygiene is pleased to announce the achievement of PAS 99:2012 certification for Water Hygiene Services and Legionella compliance works.

The scope of work includes:

  • temperature monitoring of the clients’ water systems;
  • legionella risk assessments of the clients’ water systems;
  • remedial works including the replacement of cold water storage tanks;
  • sampling of the water systems,
  • closed system monitoring;
  • water treatment dosing equipment monitoring and inspections.

The IWS system consolidates the common requirements of our quality, environmental, Health and Safety systems (QUENSH) processes into one integrated system.  It clearly defines roles and responsibilities and highlights common objectives.  It also makes it easier for IWS to continually improve all of our management systems.

Our Quality system

ensures that all services provided fulfil the needs of our customers and that we comply with current legislative requirements and industry ‘best practice’ for Legionella Control, Water Treatment and Water hygiene.

Our Environmental system

ensures that we prevent pollution to land, air, water and nuisance to local communities by ensuring any discharges to the environment are eliminated or controlled.  They ensure we make efficient use of natural resources and state how we aim to improve the environmental quality of the locations in which we work.


Our Safety and Health

iws hygiene promotes health and safety system helps us to avoid incidents and prevent harm to employees, contractors, employers and the general public by efficiently controlling all working operations through the policy and arrangements.


Tim Seager, IWS Water Hygiene QUENSH Manager commented “this award demonstrates our full commitment to a complete and integrated management system to ensure that we provide best value services to our customers”


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