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At IWS, we understand that you need fast access to accurate data to manage your sites efficiently and comply with regulations.



That’s why we’ve developed our online data collection and reporting system, IWS Online Report Tracker.

Our teams record data on electronic hand held devices which automatically upload to our database. Data can include health and safety, environmental issues, asset conditions and efficiency data – all helping you to manage and mitigate key risks to your business.

For our multi-site customers, the system allows access to and collation of data for all sites in one set of reports, saving you time and making compliance reporting and decision-making much easier.


Some of the advantages and benefits of IWS Online Report Tracker:

The system has been developed and is owned wholly by IWS; no licensing or upgrade charges are incurred by the client

Reports are available within hours of works being completed at site

Allows clients to react quickly to hazardous or costly situations

Allows for “reporting by exception”; results can be filtered by the system to produce exception reports detailing only the results that actually need attention

Reduced management time required to identify and respond to problems

Data can be accessed from any location where internet access is available

All remote logins are secure; entry can only be secured with the use of an I.D and Password.

Easy to record actions taken and demonstrate compliance with regulations

Allows trend analysis of the test data.

Key Performance Indicators can be set and monitored using the real time visit dates and test results

Data can be transferred to and received from other systems easily