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Legionella Compliance and Monitoring

Legionella Compliance

A Care Services NHS Trust (the NHS Trust) provides community healthcare and adult social care for the people residing in the South West. Within their portfolio are seven community hospitals and fifteen other community healthcare sites of varying size.

Due to the nature of the healthcare environment, the NHS Trust would arguably have a section of the population attending the sites that are in a greater immuno-compromised state than the natural spread of the population.

When people are immune-compromised they are more susceptible to infection by external pathogens, such as the Legionella and Pseudomonas type bacteria. When dealing with healthcare environments, it becomes pertinent to ensure that precautions are taken to help ensure the risk posed by such pathogens is reduced.

IWS Water Hygiene have been employed by the NHS Trust to undertake various monitoring and inspections services to help to ensure compliance in this area.

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