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IWS were approached by the Environment Agency to identify a solution to mitigate issues caused by the main streets within Elford being lower than the peak flood level of the river.

When the River Tame was in flood, river water would not only enter the village, it would also prevent the main culvert that runs under the village from discharging collected water into the river. The catchment area meant that flows of up to 3700 l/s could enter the culvert at the top of the village. The only land they had access to was an existing open topped storm culvert approximately 3m x 2m, within a fenced compound.

IWS suggested an innovative solution, developed in two parts:

  • The creation of a flood wall to prevent river water from entering the village with an actuated penstock housed on the downstream side of the wall. This would close when the river was in flood
  • Installation of a large axial pump that would lift the water over this new wall and allow the water to run in by means of gravity to the river

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